Additional Services

Staff & Services

For more traditional services, eliminate the extras by hiring staff only at the hourly rates listed below. Four hour minimum for all bar and wait services.

Bar Assistant/Bar Back
Party Assistant
Cocktail Server
Frozen Beverages
Jello Shots

Call (202) 351-6180 for pricing

Mixers & Bar Supplies

Basic Mixers
Save time shopping for bar items by allowing us to provide the mixers, sodas and juices!  Includes the standard mixers, sodas and juices (prices vary based on expected number of expected guests)
Orange Juice
Cranberry Juice        
Sour Mix                  
Coke Cola
Diet Cola        
Club Soda

Premium Mixers
Upgrade your cocktails, shots and shooters by allowing us to provide premium mixers, sodas and juices!
Orange Juice
Cranberry Juice
Pineapple Juice   
Grapefruit Juice       
Sour Mix               
Sweetened Lime Juice
Coke Cola
Diet Cola
Tonic Water
Club Soda

Bar Supplies
Add the finishing touches to your bar by allowing us to provide the bar supplies!  Includes the following
(prices vary based on expected number of guests):
Plastic Glassware      
Sip Straws     
Napkins (various colors available)

Cake Pop Services

Customized your cake pops to fit any theme and color scheme!  Perfect for weddings, children's events, sporting events and holiday parties!
*Cake Pops can be purchased by the dozen, as an add-on to a package.  Cake Pops are created by Devine Designs by Diesha.

Mini Cocktail (or Mocktail) Tasting Party!

Sample our specialty cocktails!  Enjoy an hour long session in the comfort of your home or venue with one of Mixin’ Mimi’s skilled Mixologists!  Perfect for a girls/guys night in!  Up to 10 attendees are allowed.

Tasting Party Includes:
- One (1) Hour Tasting Session
- Mini Mixology Course
- Sample up to 5 specialty cocktails
- Cocktail Sampler Menu Souvenir
- Professional Mixing Equipment and Tools
- Drinkware (cups, napkins and straws)
- Cocktail Garnishes
- "Mini Mimi" Portable Bar

Portable Bar Rentals

*Note* Bar rentals are based on availability. Location of travel can increase rental rates.

"Maxin1392857159' Mimi" Portable Bar


    LED Lighting options
    Two built-in ice bins
    Speed Rail for 750mL or 1L Bottles
    Two Heavy Duty Trash Container
    Custom Panel Option - perfect for wedding and corporate events!

"Mini Mimi" Portable Bar


    One built-in ice bin
    Three Shelves for storage space
    Back bar table
    Two Mini Trash Bins

Dual Table Bar


    Multiple setup options; front-back, L-Shape or V-Shape
    Two Table Covers (color options available)
    One Heavy Duty Trash Container


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