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Portable Bar Rentals

*Note* Bar rentals are based on availability. Location of travel can increase rental rates.

"Maxin' Mimi" Portable Bar


  •  LED Lighting options
  • Two built-in ice bins
  • Speed Rail for 750mL or 1L Bottles
  • Two Heavy Duty Trash Container 
  • Custom Panel Option - perfect for wedding and corporate events!

"Mini Mimi" Portable Bar


  • One built-in ice bin
  • Three Shelves for storage space
  • Back bar table
  • Two Mini Trash Bins 
  • Custom Wrap Option - perfect for wedding, corporate and promotional events!

Dual Table Bar


  • Multiple setup options; front-back, L-Shape or V-Shape
  • Two Table Covers (color options available)
  • One Heavy Duty Trash Container
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