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Founded in 2012, Mixin' Mimi  Mixology LLC is a professional Event Staffing Company that services the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia metro areas.  We specialize in our Mixology/Bartending service.  We pride ourselves on "serving the ART you can taste." Our goal is to provide a presentation, as opposed to simply serving drinks.  We offer a fresh, vibrant twist on art of Mixology!  Our services are customized for all event types!  No event is the same as the next!  Therefore, we tailor our services based on what the client requires.  Mixin' Mimi will help bring your creative vision to light!
All of our bartenders are certified in either Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS) or Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM).  Mixin' Mimi holds General Liability Insurance.

Meet Mimi

What initially started off as an idea to promote herself as "Mixin' Mimi," quickly transformed into a business venture..."

Mimi (Mia) Evans, owner and founder of Mixin' Mimi Mixology, is a professional Mixologist.  She has been providing excellent service in the food & beverage industry for several years. 

Mimi graduated from the Professional Bartending School in Arlington, VA, where she became a certified Bartender. She also received her certification in Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS).  Mimi later added to her list of licenses/certifications by becoming certified in Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM).  What initially started off as an idea to promote herself as "Mixin' Mimi," quickly transformed into a business venture, as she discovered she needed additional assistance for the events she was hired to work.  Thus, the launch of "Mixin' Mimi Mixology" in the Summer of 2012.    

Mimi has provided Mixology services for numerous weddings, private parties and corporate events.   She has also provided Mixology services for well-known organizations, such as the Spirit of Washington {Entertainment Cruises}, and DC Harbor Cruises; one of Washington DC's most elite sightseeing and entertainment charters!  She prides her business on providing unique experiences and customized service for all event types!

Exciting, Efficient and Energetic!  Mimi and her staff are always discovering new ways to entertain!

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